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Niche Edits

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What is Niche Edits?

Niche edits involve inserting a backlink into an existing article or blog post on a website, rather than creating new content as is done with guest posts.

This method leverages the existing authority and traffic of established content, aiming to enhance SEO performance by providing a relevant and contextual link within content that is already indexed and ranked by search engines.

How do Niche Edits differ from Guest Posting?

Niche edits and guest posting are both popular link-building strategies used in SEO to improve a website’s search engine rankings, but they differ significantly in approach and execution.

Niche edits involve adding backlinks to existing, already-published articles on other websites, leveraging the established authority and age of the content. This method is typically less time-consuming as it doesn’t require creating new content, but offers limited control over the content surrounding the backlink.

On the other hand, guest posting involves writing and publishing new articles on external websites, specifically crafted to include your backlinks. Allows greater control over the content and context of the backlink but requires more effort in content creation and might take longer to impact SEO, as new articles need time to gain authority and be indexed by search engines.

Benefits of Niche Edits:-


Since the content is already created and indexed, niche edits can be a quicker way to gain backlinks compared to creating new guest posts.

SEO Value

Links from older, well-established articles can be particularly valuable for SEO, as these articles may already have significant authority and traffic.


By carefully selecting articles within your niche, you can ensure that the backlinks are highly relevant to your content, which is a key factor in SEO.

Niche Edits

How it Works?

We handle your link building for you. Here is how we work

Why you Should Choose Us?

Niche-Relevant Links

Google loves links like our niche edits that come from articles related to your niche.

One-Time Payment

Unlike links that require monthly fees, our niche edits are permanent.

Hassle-Free Results

Our niche edits outreach team works on single email, without hours of waiting.

Non-Spammed Sites

We’ve network of real sites that have trust with Google and are getting regular traffic.

In-House Link Building?

Don’t even think about building links in-house, here's why?

Our Services

Managed Link

You just need to set the monthly budget and we will do the rest and best for you.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are articles you write and post on other site with the intention of getting a backlink.

Diversity Links

Diversity links are a category of backlinks that is used to diversify and add naturalness to a backlink profile.

Asked Questions

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Niche edits offer a time-efficient and impactful way to enhance your SEO efforts.

While we welcome your input and suggestions, Our experience and knowledge of SEO best practices guide our selection process to ensure the best outcomes for your link-building efforts.

Yes, it is a white hat SEO technique when implemented ethically and transparently.

Our goal is to choose articles that align closely with your business and can provide the most benefit from a backlink.

Yes, we can replace any niche edit links that go down within 3 months at no additional charge
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